Letter: LGBT sign implies other meanings

From: Laurie Woodall


Recently, while visiting a local establishment, I noticed a sign on the door that read “LGBT Safe Zone.” Those who know me know that I am a Christian. But this isn’t about being a Christian or a member of the LGBT community or a Muslim or any group. This is about what that sign said to me and the person I was with.

To me, the sign said that the establishment was not committed to my safety because I wasn’t mentioned in that sign. Only the LGBT could expect to be protected there.

To the person I was with, that sign drew negative attention to a group of folks. The establishment was saying that LGBT folks aren’t safe in other places.

When I called the establishment, I was told to send my comments to an email address. I have not received a response; it’s been over three weeks. My friend, a local business owner, called the director. They discussed how all businesses should do their best to protect anyone who comes through their doors. My friend asked that the sign be removed. The owner explained that she would have to go before the board to ask if they would allow the sign to be taken down. It was agreed that she would get back to my friend. To date, no word.

I don’t know how I feel about returning to that business. I do know that I am interested in your thoughts about that sign. Thank you.