LONGMONT, Colo. — Firefighters say a heater in a homeless encampment started a small wildfire in northern Colorado.

The fire started Sunday night and burned about 6 acres (2.5 hectares) in a park and nature area east of Longmont.

Longmont Fire spokeswoman Molly Cropp told the Longmont Times-Call that an abandoned Coleman camp-fuel heater ignited combustibles. She says no one will be charged with starting the fire but people who were in the area could be cited with trespassing for being in the park after-hours.

Fires caused by homeless campers have also been a problem in Colorado Springs.

The Gazette reported Sunday that police there are concerned that overcrowded homeless shelters and cold winter weather will lead to more homeless people starting fires that could get out of control.

Information from: Daily Times-Call, http://timescall.com/