NTN lottery winners
Six NTN Driveshaft workers in Columbus who play Powerball as a lottery pool -- sharing the cost of tickets -- are now splitting $50,000 in winnings. They call themselves Over Fifty. From left, they are Roland Westfall, Patricia Abram, Curt Hattabaugh, Pamela Fertig, James Taylor and Gamaliel Garcia. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Six NTN Driveshaft workers in Columbus who pool their money to purchase Powerball tickets are splitting a $50,000 prize.

A larger NTN group started the lottery pool two years ago when the Powerball jackpot grew to record-breaking levels, but six stuck with it long enough to cash in, according to the Hoosier Lottery, which announced the winners Monday.

The NTN co-workers — whose lottery pool is known as Over Fifty — consists of Patricia Abram, Roland Westfall, Gamaliel Garcia, James Taylor, Pamela Fertig and Curt Hattabaugh.

A $50,000 payout comes when a winner gets four of five numbers correct plus the Powerball. The odds of that are one in 913,130. Their winning ticket was from the Dec. 1 Powerball drawing, purchased at the Ricker’s convenience store at 3750 E. Fallcreek Parkway N., Indianapolis.¬†They claimed their prize Nov. 6 at the Hoosier Lottery office in Indianapolis.

Some of the NTN winners said they would use their split of the prize on Christmas, while others are putting their money in the bank, the Hoosier Lottery press release said.