Around Town – December 6

Orchids to …

• the Hangar 5 staff who took good care of us and provided a great meal at our annual meeting/Christmas dinner Monday evening, from the Washington Park Homeowners Association.

• the awesome fireman at Station 1 for allowing me to visit and see the cool firetrucks, from Forest Schott.

• Lisa, Jamie and Zac Horn for all their kindness and help this past weekend.

• Rick Moss for bringing us the goodies.

• Braige Lienhoop for bringing us the fern.

• Kevin Rockey of Edinburgh School Corp., Fazolis of Franklin and Chicago Pizza of Franklin for your help and donations, from the Edinburgh Police Department Wives.

• Tower Christmas Tree Farm for the beautiful Fraser Fir that brightens the reception area at Orphan Grain Train.

• Gramz Bakery, Tristate Artisans, Harpist Claudia Slabaugh, Mill Race Center and Jess Quigley for the lovely tea on Friday.

• Scott and Janet Maley, for raking our leaves and cleaning our driveway, from Mom and Dad.

Onions to …

• people who use the buzzwords “retain and attract” when it comes to spending tax dollars because they know that no one will argue against those words, and fall into lockstep.

• the city of Columbus that clearly can’t take care of what it has, yet wants more.

• people who are too lazy to carry their own alcohol wipes during the cold and flu season.

• people who still jog down the middle of the road instead of using newly installed sidewalks that cost the taxpayer millions.

• the national political party and its leader for ignoring a candidate’s troubling past in the name of partisan politics.

• coworkers who spend an excessive amount of time buried in their phones instead of doing their jobs.

• city officials for mismanaging and overspending tax funds.

• the rude man because everyone has the right to walk in the public space.

• doctors who drop addict patients rather than help them.

• the former county sheriff who shot and killed an animal on a city street in front of its owner.

• the vice president, for his visits home that cost taxpayers because he should stay in Washington and do his job and pay his own travel expenses.

Happy Birthday to …

• Carol Cooper, from your family and Donna.

• Richard Wilkerson, from family and friends.

• Jason McCarty from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Anziel Allman.

• Valerie Hooten, with love, from Mom V.

Happy Anniversary to …

• John and Gail Bryant on No. 42, from your kids and grandkids.