Letter: Give prayers, thanks to local symphony orchestra

From: Ray Gibson


Since the beginning of Thanksgiving as a national holiday, 31 presidents have issued 150 proclamations making Thanksgiving a day of thanks to God for the country, for the bounty of harvest and the safety of the nation.

Thanksgiving in America is a religious holiday. This is appropriate for a country founded on the basis of religion with an express guarantee of religion in the founding documents of the country.

Today, Thanksgiving is not much acknowledged in the country. The constant attacks by the atheists and the separatists have maligned the observances to such a degree that it has been removed from school celebrations, mostly ignored by churches and disparaged by minor celebrities who derive their authority to speak from brief appearances on television. Thanksgiving today is mostly regarded as the day before Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that marks what is popularly known as the first shopping day of the Christmas, or holiday, season.

There is much to be thankful for in this great, wonderful country. In my own small world there is a special remembrance to acknowledge. This year, 2017, is the 39th anniversary of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra Inc. The orchestra has existed since 1922 and is the oldest orchestra in Indiana. In June 1987, the orchestra ended its relationship with Pro Musica, the parent organization, and reappeared with a new charter as the Columbus Symphony Orchestra Inc.

None of us involved were even slightly prepared for the groundswell of support and affection from the Columbus community, but from that time it has survived as a resource for local musicians to have a chance to play. Friends from the Indianapolis Symphony frequently come and play. Through the years the CSO has given some memorable concerts and has created some good memories for the people of Columbus.

So, for 2017, let us include the Columbus Symphony Orchestra Inc. in our prayers and our thanks for God’s grace and for the gift of music in the city of Columbus.