Letter: What is your grade in class called ‘life?’

From: Kenneth Landreth


It’s time for our grade. We seniors have now grown up, raised our children, made our mark in this world. Now it’s time for our final grade.

A grade of “A” we did a very good job; a grade of “F” we failed. Anything between we managed to pass — some good, some just did.

What have we done in our lifetime? Have we left a mark in this world? Did we raise our children well? Did we teach them right from wrong? Did we help them when they needed help with their school work when asked? Did we try and help them make the right decisions in their life? Did we have a shoulder for our children and family to cry on when needed?

What else did we do? Did we help someone in need? Did we help someone during the holidays? Did we thank God for what we have? If someone had fallen, did we try to help them up, or did we walk past them as though you didn’t see them?

The grades are posted on the board. Have you found yours?