Letter: Now’s time to make difference in government

From: Emery Sheffield


It seems that our senator and representative are not considering their constituents. Our elected representatives have voted for a tax bill that will give a bit of aid to us who are not wealthy for a few years, then their tax bill will ultimately give to the rich and let the good times trickle down to us less wealthy.

I do not believe in the trickle-down economics. Trickle-down economics have not worked in the past.

It seems that our U.S. senator, Todd Young, and our U.S. representative, Luke Messer, have voted to give to the rich. Perhaps their contributors, who give them money for their electoral campaigns, have outweighed their thought of their constituents. The people who give them money are not people from Indiana.

Who do you want to represent you in the next few years? Do you want Todd Young and Luke Messer, who are in the pocket of big money, to represent you? Or will you, a woman or a man who has the desire to help the people of Indiana, rise to the occasion and run for senator and representative?

Now is the time for you who detest the state of our government to make a difference and run for senator and representative.