Court news – December 9

Feng Tao, 53, West Hyde Court, and Yu Wang, 49, West Hyde Cour.

Gabriel Garcia, 23, Maize Drive, and Sandra Morgado Franco, 26, Edinburgh.

Holly Ann Fisher, 25, Lombardy Court, and Travis A. Haley, 25, Lombardy Court.

Anthony Ryan, 32, Home Avenue, and Erica Eddelman, 29, Home Avenue.

Kayleigh Brooke Reed, 21, Sims Drive, and Isaac Clayton Morris, 21, Cookeville, Tennessee.

Skylar Lee Reeves, 19, Salzburg Boulevard, and Shelly Marie McIntyre, 20, Shadow Bend Drive.

Bradley Robert Mercer, 37, Fairview Drive, and Crystal Dawn Douglas, 38, Fairview Drive.

Andres Lera Castellanos, 25, Lake Vista Drive, and Marta Syntia Szajek,24, Blacklick, Ohio.

Eric Jorn Cyliax, 24, Fox Trail Lane, and Lauren Elizabeth Polen, 22, Fox Trail Lane.

Eric Paul Klosterkemper, 29, Greensburg, and Autumn Danielle Perry, 28, South County Road 100W.

Arthur H. Turner, 82, Westminster Place, and Marlene Chestnut, 82, Meadowlark Lane.

Dana Andrew Jensen, 45, Riverside Drive, and Margaret Ilene Jimenez, 34, Riverside Drive.

David Todd Schrader, 56, Nashville, and Tamara Maurine Barr, 45, Williamsburg Court.

Kelly Adam Wright, 46, Bonesteel Drive, and Vicki Sue Barger, 43, Bonesteel Drive.

Brandon David Muckley, 26, Driftwood Avenue, and Katherine Elayne Bridgeman, 26, Mockingbird Drive.

Betsai Lopez Jimenez, 33, Garden City, and Benigna Rodriguez Adorno, 39, Garden City.

Jerome Lee Rebber, 62, Seymour, and Lisa Dawn Hutchinson, 52, Tipton Lane.

Ezekiel Bewley, 20, Elizabethtown, and Michelle Collins, 29, Elizabethtown.

Joshua Hall, 22, Patterson Road, and Karla Colwell, 20, Patterson Road.

Rhonda Kay Gibson, 43, North Vernon, and Martin Diaz, 23, South Beatty Street.

Michael David Dyer, 33, Grand Avenue, and Loyessa Nicole Armstrong, 35, Grand Avenue.

Brittany Joanna Nelson, 34, North County Road 150W, and David Wayne Barnett, 31, North County Road 150W.

Nancy Rodriguez, 30, Westline Drive, and Gamaliel Sanchez Montiel, 34, Jewell Street.

Kimberly D. Lucas, 54, Jonesville Road, and Chandra Robertson, 53, State Road 46W.

Adam J. Wood, 26, Clifty Drive, and Nwadi Vanessa Nkiru Ada Igwe, 27, Crownsville, Maryland.

Marciano Castaneda Solano, 42, North National Road, and Edith Cortes Sanchez, 41, North National Road.

Dustin L. Clark, 36, Union Street, and Anna L. Chambers,32, Union Street.