Around Town – December 10

Dec 10

Orchids to

• Sixth Street General Baptist Church for an awesome and excellent Christmas dinner on Saturday, from a well-pleased parishioner.

• my dad, John, for fixing my ceiling trim in my living room — it looks great, from Lisa.

• Sonya at Walmart on the west side of town for helping two Elks’ Club elves with their family fit mission, from Dr. Bill Cooper.

• Miller’s Merry Manor for the delicious Christmas meal Thursday evening for the residents and families, from Wanda and Mary.

• George Uppling for supper on Friday.

• the Columbus Salvation Army for an excellent Gleaners Food truck.

• First Christian Church for finding an innovative way to restore the sanctuary skylight, the center of one of the city’s most important buildings, from Landmark Columbus.

• David Day in Oak Brook on the west side of town for the magnificent Christmas display of lights.

• churches who keep hand sanitizer in the pews during flu season and also for sending out get well cards and birthday greetings to those in the congregation.

• the helpful lady at the car wash, from the lady in the red car.

Happy Birthday to

• Rick Gates, from your family and Donna.

• Joyce Howard, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• Will, from Jon, Taylor, Abby, Ash and Kira.

• Russell Wilson on No. 93, from family and friends.

• Dick Whittington.

• Sunny Hull.

• Jimmy Green, with love from Dad and Lisa.

• Lucile Jaggers, from Paul.

• Johnathon Williams.

Belated Happy Birthday to

• Karen Burton on No. 66, with love from your husband, Bill Burton.