Book Express’ new backing a benefit to kids, literacy

The Community Literacy Task Force and the Bartholomew County Public Library have an important similarity. Both encourage reading to promote literacy.

That’s important, and why it makes sense for them to join forces on an initiative that does just that. Together they are restarting the Book Express program.

The Book Express is a bus that goes into low-income areas of Columbus to give free books to preschool children. It also provides materials, ideas and activities that support parents in helping their children become better readers.

Each year Book Express made weekly visits to seven neighborhoods between April and October, distributing an average of 5,000 books annually. It also had made appearances at fairs and festivals, where children could receive free books.

Unfortunately, Book Express had been out of operation since August because of funding issues. That was unfortunate, because Book Express served a great purpose.

That’s why it is heartening to hear that the Community Literacy Task Force and the library have partnered to bring Back Book Express. It’s a valuable resource that is a great benefit to young children and the community.

Literacy is a foundational element to a good education. Efforts that promote literacy, such as Book Express, deserve support. The new partnership is a good fit for ensuring Book Express serves children and literacy efforts for years to come.