Around Town – December 13

Orchids to …

• two Secret Santas from Columbus Regional Health, thank you for the Monopoly game.

• to Beth Tutko Smith for receiving her state certification as a highly effective classroom instructor.

• Brock Harris and Jennifer Villiger for transporting us to and from the airport, from Patsy and Don Harris.

• Carrie, Brock and Ian Harris for decorating our home for Christmas while we were in Florida, from Gramma and Grandad Harris.

• anyone rallying to oppose white supremacists.

• 5 Tower staff and nurses at Columbus Regional Hospital for Christmas lunch, gifts and cards, from volunteers Bob, Patty, Mary Lou, Bill and Kay.

• American Legion Post 24 for the wreaths placed on veterans’ graves at Garland Brook Cemetery.

• Kristen Brown for her letter to the editor about the financial quagmire we’re about to blunder into.

• Shabby Sheep & Ewe for a fabulous Christmas party at Tina’s Traditional Tea Room.

• the Walkers of Hope for the delicious candy and cookies, from Steve.

• Diane Hunter, for all the delicious candy you make every year at Christmas, from the Robertsons.

• my beautiful daughter, Alison Simo, who has passed her certification in specialized nursing, from her proud mother, Alice Weddle.

• Kristen Brown for telling it like it is.

• Hanna Maulin for emergency road service and transportation, from Jerry.

• my granddaughter and great-granddaughter for the flowers, from Barbara Herold.

• Fisher’s Flower Basket for giving my granddaughter and great-granddaughter some flowers to give to me, from Barbara Herold.

• all the residents who realize that when evil lurks, doing nothing shows agreement.

• Don Goodwin on Kentucky Avenue for cleaning gutters for me, from your neighbor.

• Michael Brown for helping The Salvation Army by ringing the bell in the cold weather, from a Christian friend and family.

• Hotel Indigo for preparing and delivering heart-healthy meals to my son, Robert Remboske, after his heart attack and surgery, from Betty Dittrich.

• the many Christmas carolers who came to our house Sunday evening; God bless all, from Bob, Faye and Braden Rose.

• Jadon Darnell at the Bartholomew County Public Library’s Digital Underground for helping us with our project, from the Mt. Rainier Group.

• the awesome Christmas house by Southside Elementary School, where the lights and music are wonderful.

• the house on Marr Road and 31st Street for your amazing Christmas light display, you are a great example of what the season is all about.

• Neal Tire and Auto for being so helpful when our daughter from the Chicago area had an emergency flat tire.

• Mayor Lienhoop and the city council for continuing to make Columbus better, despite the constant negativity of a small group of naysayers who don’t realize if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.

• B&B Plumbing for their great service, from Larry Rudd and Kathy Rudd.

Onions to …

• anyone equating rallies opposing white supremacists to rallies of white supremacists.

• the person who had dropped off the kitten and let it loose in the country instead of taking it to the Humane Society.

• the group of people that have successfully divided Columbus into two cities, downtown Columbus and the rest of Columbus.

• the person who had the chance to right a wrong (a dumped kitten), instead dumping the poor animal a second time.

• city officials for the expensive and ugly carpet at City Hall.

• the man who on Monday was walking the small black-and-white dog on Marr and Rocky Ford roads, pulling the dog off the ground every time it got in front of him.

• the person who thinks that picking up a kitten that has already gotten dumped and dumping it out again is a humane thing to do.

• people who forget the purpose of the Constitution is to provide us for having different opinions.

• to Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress for trying to destroy Israel.

• to those who breastfeed in public.

Happy Birthday to …

• Kayla Baker, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Paula Yates.

• Dorothy Isaacs, from JoAnne and Dennis.

• Tommi Stowers on No. 20 from Dad, Mom, Katie, Lily, April, Braelynn and Grandma.

• Monte Gilliland from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jobey Lovins.

• Abduliah Frazier-Bey.

• Vickie Tedder.

• Carletta White from your loving family.

• Wayne Lee, from Patty, Sarah, Ronnie, Paige, Matt, Lisa, Ethan, Katie, Mom and Vera.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Sheila Brauaman, from Dove Ministries.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Herb and Margie Lou Boilanger.