Letter: How to assist children in need

From: Chuck Grimes, Advocates for Children staff guardian ad litem


This letter to the editor is for those folks in our area who possess a passion for young people and might be able to find two to three hours per week to help a child a need.

At last check, there were close to 300 abused and/or neglected youngsters in Columbus and surrounding area who have been removed from their homes and are on a waiting list to receive a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA).

In short, 300 sad cases have been made doubly sad because of a lack of volunteer advocates.

The following is a list of random facts and thoughts that this writer believes are relevant:

  • The next CASA training class – scheduled to begin Jan. 15 – has nine seats filled, but the seating capacity of the training room is much larger than nine
  • Columbus is a self-promoted caring community
  • The holiday season is a time of giving
  • This advocate will not cease his call to the community until the waiting list disappears

Each of these (300) kids need someone who cares. For those who consider themselves caring and have just a tiny bit of room that could be squeezed onto an already busy calendar, please call 812-372-2808 for details on how to reserve a seat for Jan. 15.