Security camera upgrades coming to parking garage

The city plans to upgrade security cameras in the Jackson Street parking garage this spring to curb loitering.

The Columbus Redevelopment Commission approved Monday a quote from Staublin Technology Service Inc., Columbus, not to exceed $25,181 to replace 12 existing cameras and add 24 cameras in the garage to help improve security. Funding for the cameras will paid through the Jackson Street parking garage operating fund.

Several cameras within the garage have been failing over the past year, said Gary Thompson, vice president of parking garages with REI Real Estate Services LLC.

Thompson said the upgraded color cameras will be placed in different areas inside and outside the parking garage, including in the alley, pedestrian tunnel and stairwells that will help get a better view of activity taking place.

“We’ll have a lot more coverage in the garage,” Thompson said.

In March, the commission approved a bid for $10,319 from Staublin Technology Service to place four cameras on the Second Street garage rooftop. The step was taken to deter people from gathering on the roof after hours and leaping across to the Cole apartment complex rooftop, city officials said.

The new cameras to be installed will be a benefit to the city since there have been issues of loitering taking place in the garage, while graffiti was also discovered about three to four months ago, said Heather Pope, the city’s redevelopment director.

“We’re trying to make it safe and feel safe,” Pope said.

City Councilman Tom Dell, who was in attendance during the meeting, said he thought it was cost-effective for the city to spend money on the cameras to increase security.

“The more we can do to provide a safe environment, the more safe off we are,” Dell said.

The new cameras should be in place by March, Thompson said.

Meanwhile, the commission also approved a bid from Repp and Mundt not to exceed $136,639 for improvements to a garage tunnel entryway into the Jackson Street parking garage.

Funding for the work will also be paid from the Jackson Street parking garage fund, according to the city.

The city previously agreed to pay Columbus architect Louis Joyner an amount not to exceed $11,750 for design and project management services tied to the upgrades, which will include a louvered steel fence, 10 bike racks, painting, new LED lighting, drainage and curbs.

Pope said the appearance should make it more inviting to pedestrians who use it.

“We heard complaints from people that use the garage that it feels unsafe,” Pope said.

Work on the improvements to the parking garage tunnel should begin next month and are expected to be completed by May 31, said Jayne Farber, project manager for the city.

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