Around Town – December 21

Editor’s note: The Republic will not publish Dec. 25. Birthdays and anniversaries for the 25th will publish on the 24th with a note indicating they are for the 25th, or will publish belatedly on the 26th. Birthdays, anniversaries, orchids and onions for the 26th should be submitted by noon Dec. 24.

Orchids to …

• to Gary and Marilyn Cheek for their concerns about people.

• Congress for passing a great tax bill.

• Barkes, Weaver & Glick Funeral Home and the Community Church of Columbus for the holiday memorial service honoring loved ones who had died.

• Hope Community Center Food pantry for the Christmas food basket from a grateful family of six.

• Pat Bryant from Fisher’s Flowers for brightening the day Tuesday for four women at Parkside Elementary School.

• the couple for paying for the Sunday evening meal for my wife and me, from a grateful Navy veteran.

• Community Church of Columbus Christmas carolers who made my evening, from Jim Sorrell.

• Kevin at Frank Anderson Tire for always helping me out, from Robin Miedvalski.

• Sue Romine, on your first full day of retirement, from Jim, Talisa and Duste.

• Greg Allen, the insurance sales rep at Zeller’s Insurance, and our son, Keith, for helping us choose a new health care plan.

• the church group for building the ramp for the handicapped this past weekend.

• Marquita for all the good things that you do for me, for my gas card for Christmas, and for believing in me, from Rick.

• the rural mail carrier who does such a great job bringing the mail and packages with a friendly smile.

• Justin from the east side Walmart electronics section for helping me pick out a TV, explaining it to me and then loading it.

• the Cox family for putting on the Christmas concert Friday at The Commons.

• my grandson, Ethan Eavey, for earning his Eagle scout award.

• Nancy Nichter, for taking me for the hospital for my cast and everything you do for me, from Margaret.

• Nita Evans for her column Saturday in The Republic, “My second best Christmas gift ever was quite special,” from Reba McGaha.

• Pastor Lisa Cottingham at First United Methodist Church for the “Longest Night” service and to those who sang and read Scripture.

• Emery Sheffield and his letter to the editor.

• the carolers from Community Church of Columbus and the prayer and cookies, from Norma.

• the man who brings the produce to Barrington Apartments.

• Kathy for helping me Wednesday with my groceries, from John.

Onions to …

• the two women who thought I did something wrong when I got in line at the other register instead of behind them, from someone who was already having a bad day.

• people that complain about UPS trucks delivering Christmas packages.

• Congress, for passing a tax bill that will add $1.5 trillion to the national debt and give tax breaks primarily to extreme wealthy people.

• people saying everyone is welcome in Columbus except those that have differing ideology.

• the dog owner who will not keep their dogs quiet all night long.

• to parents who should be arrested for what their teenagers do.

• the wealthy who are inciting class warfare in our beloved country.

Happy Birthday to …

• Wendy Joslin, from family and friends.

• Logan Gill, love Mom and Dad.

• Dave Shaw, from your family and Donna.

• Paul Jaggers, from Kenneth.

• Charles Whittington, on No. 96, from Mary and Elsie.

• Cindy Gosney.

• Floyd Ritz.

• Robert Stroup.

• Norah Berkenstock from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Andrew Harker, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Joe Johnson, from Cindy, Tracie and Sidney, Whitney and Brittany.

• Carrie Harris.

• Melody Lambert, from Lynn, Jody, Penny, Kevin, Missi, Lee, Todd, Jeannette and the rest of the family.

• Brian Niedbalski, from Mom.

• Cameron Welch from Aunt Lisa.

• Eris Johnson, from Valeria, Julie, Carole Sheila, Pat, Debbie, Sheryl, Nancy, Cindy, Anne and Jane.

Happy Anniversary to …

• David and Dorthea Bragg.

• Joe and Cindy Burney.

• Sean and Rebecca Eberhart from friends at the Moravian Church.