Centra reports issue at ATMs

Bank: Evidence of tampering found

Centra Credit Union members who have utilized certain ATM this month are being advised to keep an eye on their accounts for questionable charges.

The Columbus-based credit union reports evidence of tampering attempts on two December dates at Indiana locations, including several in the Columbus area.

Centra employees found evidence of skimmers Dec. 10 at locations in Jeffersonville, Sellersburg and at 3010 State St. in Columbus. One skimmer device was found and all three ATMs were secured and have been determined safe to use, the company said.

Then again on Sunday, an ATM skimmer was found at 2165 Jonathan Moore Pike in Columbus.

“We are reviewing security footage and collecting information to determine what, if any, impact this skimmer may have to our members,” Centra said on its website.

Additionally, Centra employees discovered a glue-like substance on the card reader of an ATM located at 11700 U.S. 31 North, in Edinburgh. Members who could have been impacted have been identified, and the company is prepared to take action if fraudulent activity on their accounts is suspected, it said.

Centra said that it is committed to providing the safest and most secure banking for its members, and will work quickly to assist impacted members secure their accounts and recover any losses. It also plans to work with law enforcement agencies to identify people responsible for placing skimmers — which collect personal information — on ATMs.

Additional security procedures have been put in place to monitor Centra ATMs and prevent further inconvenience to members, it said.

“There’s no good time for this to happen, but for it to happen during the holiday season makes it even more distressing,” said Rick Silvers, Centra president and CEO. “We’re doing everything we can to put any losses back in our member’s pockets as quickly as possible.”

What to watch for

  • ATMs are designed to be solid and secure, so there shouldn’t be any loose or wobbly covers or components.
  • Scammers will sometimes install a fake component with a camera above the PIN pad to capture customers’ PIN. To conceal their identity, sometimes scammers will cover the built-in ATM camera. A fake component will likely be a similar color as the ATM and may even display logos for the financial institution or an ATM servicing company.
  • Customers should also watch for damage to the ATM card reader, or evidence of a glue-like residue on the card-reader slot. It can indicate that a criminal has attempted to insert a skimmer into the slot.
  • If you have a difficult time inserting, moving or swiping your card, there may be an internal skimmer inserted into the card reader.

Source: centra.org

What you should do

Anyone who has used Centra Credit Union ATMs that may have been compromised should closely monitor their account and immediately report fraudulent charges, the company said.

With questions or information, customers can call their local Centra branch, or a toll-free number at 800-232-3642.