Latest foreign investment win reaffirms city’s efforts

Columbus officials are intentional when it comes to making the city attractive for businesses, and they’ve had notable success recruiting firms from foreign countries.

Local trade missions to Asia have built investor relationships for more than 30 years by fostering a welcoming community and playing on the city’s strengths of manufacturing and engineering. Over that time, Columbus has earned a solid reputation that has appeal to businesses considering expansion.

The appeal was demonstrated again when India-based AXISCADES, a global product engineering and technology solutions company, announced Dec. 6 that it would set up its North American headquarters in Columbus, at 810 Brown St.

While the company will start small, with 10 people locally, its workforce statewide is expected to reach 100 within a year and 500 by the end of 2023 — with additional jobs in Columbus included.

Having another company with its North American headquarters in Columbus is a coup for the city. The global AXISCADES wants to grow in the United States. Of all the places it could have chosen to set up its headquarters, it considered Columbus the best option.

What’s interesting is that AXISCADES had been doing its homework on the city — and contacted Columbus Economic Development Corp. President Jason Hester before he had a chance to reach out to the company himself.

AXISCADES was interested because of the city’s engineering and manufacturing strengths. And when company officials visited Columbus, they also learned about the city’s welcoming efforts and its history of recruiting direct foreign investment, which has resulted in about three dozen foreign-owned companies setting up shop in Columbus and providing jobs.

AXISCADES’ announcement shows that Columbus’ networking, welcoming efforts and business recruitment have established a positive reputation for the city that continues to reap rewards.

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