Around Town – December 22

Editor’s note: The Republic will not publish Dec. 25. Birthdays and anniversaries for the 25th will publish on the 24th with a note indicating they are for the 25th, or will publish belatedly on the 26th. Birthdays, anniversaries, Orchids and Onions for the 26th should be submitted by noon Dec. 24.

Orchids to …

• Aaron and Jacob Villiger for completing the decorating of our Christmas tree, from Gramma and Grandad Harris

• To the Tipton Lakes Athletic Club Secret Santa who picked up Dot’s court fee Wednesday.

• the Mike Kell family for the homemade bread, from John Tinkey.

• the federal administration for the great work to get a tax plan for all Americans.

• Congress for passing a great tax bill that will create jobs and increase child subsidies.

• the St. Bartholomew students, Schmitt Elementary students and assistant principal for the great Christmas gifts, from the Crossing Guard.

• donors of the beautiful, hand-knitted hats for residents at Hickory Creek Nursing Home.

• Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing department for giving cafe employees a gift card for Christmas.

• Columbus Regional Health Marr Road Rehabilitation Center for the Christmas lunch and gift cards, from volunteers Vicki, Denise, Jan, George, Masako, Earleen, Neva, Claudine and Kay.

• Rick Moss for all the kind things you do all year long to help everyone you can, from a friend.

• Snyder’s Environmental from the Jowers family, Merry Christmas to you all!

• Hubler Honda and employees for the excellent customer service on the purchase of my Honda, from Bonnie R.

• the Cox family for the fantastic Christmas concert for the community — well-organized, beautiful and fun for all.

• all our neighbors at Central Park Place for sharing the beautiful Christmas cards — thank you and Merry Christmas!

• Dr. May and all his staff at Columbus Regional Hospital emergency department for such good care.

• Flintwood Wesleyan Church for coming to All Saints Community House and singing Christmas Carols.

Onions to …

• white supremacists/nationalists that continue writing Onions to… those of us who refuse to accept them in our community and expect Columbus to be tolerant of bigotry as an ideology.

• those that believe that when you cut taxes, tax revenues will increase.

• coaches who schedule practices during school breaks.

• the aunt who used to bully my mother and now bullies me when she doesn’t get her way.

• employers who treat hourly employees like peasants.

• the people of Columbus for not being able to take criticism for a spot-on review of the city.

• package delivery drivers who drive like a bunch of idiots.

• doctors who don’t accept Healthy Indiana Plan insurance

• the city for feeling it needed to update so many traffic signals.

• whoever stole the chain-link fence from my backyard.

• the person for rifling through people’s vehicles, presumably to find something to steal.

• people who have a personal vendetta against others.

• Columbus for being one of the most boring cities in Indiana.

• Columbus for mainly concentrating on the People Trails and the marathon.

• people who tailgate others, which causes road rage

Happy Birthday to …

• Susie Burton.

• Phil Hanner, from your family and Donna.

• Jon Burge, from Lisa.

• Sue Miller, from Doc, Jay and Susan.

• Alvin Hazelwood, from his Mom and all his brothers and sisters: Theresa, Charlotte and Stephanie, Wayne, Lloyd and Larry.

• Hannah Pruden, from friends at the Moravian church.

• Dan Villiger.

• David Carter.

• Chloe Ashbrook.

• Olivia Crull.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Darrell and Betty Cummings.