Around Town – December 24

Orchids to …

• Cecil Crouch for helping a disabled person.

• Larry Jackson for his excellent letter putting a much-needed common-sense perspective to all the anti neo-Nazi hype and rhetoric, from Bob Valek.

• McCord Plumbing for their prompt, dependable and courteous service.

• our neighbors, Jordan and Grayson, for the delicious Christmas goodies, from JoAnne and Dennis.

• Larry Jackson for his letter regarding groups playing into the hands of neo-Nazis because it provides a great interpretation of what’s going on.

• the good Samaritan who returned my purse to the Dollar Tree when they found it in the parking lot in a cart.

• members of the Apostolic Tabernacle for helping a disabled person.

• Annie, Stewart and the mechanics at Ray’s Automotive for looking at my car on such short notice Friday afternoon and for an excellent job in completing the necessary repairs.

• Larry Jackson for his letter to the editor asking community leaders and the mayor to ignore the handful of neo-Nazis like the rest of us are.

• Tammy Frownfelter of Miracles beauty salon for above and beyond commitment to her clients.

• the carolers from the Hope Moravian Church and the bag of goodies on Friday evening, from Elsie.

• the honest lady at the east side Walmart who turned in the bank envelope with $250 cash in it on Friday afternoon.

• the couple who bought us our supper Friday night at Bob Evans restaurant.

• Ted and Sharon Dorsche for the Christmas money that was so desperately needed, from Barbara Purtlebaugh.

• the secret Santa for paying for our dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Friday evening, from Colene and Doyle.

• courageous people who are willing to publicly stand up and speak out against bullies.

• Larry Jackson for his letter to the editor Friday and his perfect explanation of the issues with the small group of despicable white supremacists.

Happy Birthday to …

• Randy Wampler.

• Josh Burton.

• Guiann Conover.

• Nikki Burton, from Aunt B, Paul, Darlene and Donna.

• Nick Marlin, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Mary Massey, from your family and friends.

• Jo Linda Whitlock, with love from your mom and dad.

Happy Birthday on Dec. 25 to …

• Margaret Briddle.

• Larry Mayfield, from Bob, Jeri, Linda and the rest of your family.

• Cameron Key, our Christmas gal, from Mom, Dad, Grammie, Grandpa, Thomas and Monkey.

• Kermet Merl Key.

• Judy Cecil, from your loving husband, Stephen Cecil.

• Leah Brouse, from Adam, Claire, Noah, Mom, Dad and all your family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• John and Dorothy Holwager on No. 30, from friends.

• Becky and Marc Johnson on No. 40, from everyone in the Johnson, Maschino and Allman families

ANOTHER beautiful morning