Around Town – December 27

Orchids to …

• Sandy and Lily for the Christmas card and homemade goodies, from Judy.

• Hillary and Cruz for hosting Christmas Eve dinner, and to Tammy and Teri for their delicious dessert contribution, from J.D. and Betty.

• Drew and Alli Kiel for the wonderful help Christmas Eve as it was much appreciated, from Emily Fowler.

• Jane Plummer, Barb Day, Janet Mabe, Bonnie Goodart, Jo Linda Meier, Brenda Lucas, Pat Blanton, Bonnie Rogers and Vickie Maynard, along with all their spouses, for their involvement in the Christmas dinner at St. Peter’s Christmas Day, which couldn’t have been done without them.

• all the volunteers who assisted in any way at the St. Peter’s Christmas Day dinner and to east side Walmart, Sam’s Club, Texas Roadhouse and Kramer’s for their donations.

• Pastor Tom Going for praying before the St. Peter’s Christmas Day dinner.

• Richardson Molding for the turkey, from John Charles Freed.

• Santa’s true helpers — our postal workers.

• Jim, Theresa, Zoey and Bennett Pursley for the delicious coffee cake they made and gave us for Christmas, from Alberta Barlow and family.

• Republic Services customers in Edinburgh, Taylorsville and Columbus for all your blessings this year, from your Republic courier.

Onions to …

• those who don’t realize it is an established fact that lowering taxes increases tax revenue.

• the local taxpayer-funded organization whose director appointment proves once again that it doesn’t matter what you know but who you know in Columbus.

• those who support Congress’ passing of the massive tax cut for corporations, the wealthy, foreign investors and the president.

• naïve people who don’t understand that silence equals complicity.

• willfully ignorant people who insist that silence is the best option.

• friends who call all the time to ask you how you are and then spend the next hour talking about how they are.

• the restaurant that stayed open with no restrooms in use.

• the mechanic who did damage to my car, causing me to have to spend extra money to have it fixed.

• whoever races down the streets of Cross Creek, waking everyone up in the early hours — especially on Christmas Day.

• the individuals with no previous flight experience who fly drones over the lake.

• the city for not having updated traffic signals on 10th Street from Marr Road to Gladstone Avenue with left-turn arrows.

• those who do not hold city employees accountable when they prove over and over they don’t know how to do their job.

Happy Birthday to …

• Emily Fowler, from your sisters, Jane, Alice and Charlene.

• Robin Lenard, from Keith and Dolly Matlock.

• Haven Paige, from Nan and Pap Matlock.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Spencer and Kristine Gross.