Around Town – December 28

Orchids to …

• the Baute family for the bright, beautiful Christmas star.

• Grant Voelz of Voelz Body Shop for his help in a crisis, from a grateful Toyota owner.

• Larry Jackson for his letter to the editor.

• Keith Warf for presenting the facts of the new tax plan.

• the secret Santa who sent me a wonderful gift for Christmas; and to family and friends for the cards, gifts and for the wonderful time with everyone, from Mary Perry.

• our neighbors in Shadow Bay for prayers, kindness, food and being the best neighbors ever, from Johelen and Scott.

• Columbus Baptist Church members for all the Christmas cards sent to me, from Christine Ogilvie.

• the driver of the silvery gray Chevy Tahoe who paid for our drinks and breakfast sandwiches in the McDonald’s drive-thru on Christmas Eve morning, we will pay it forward.

• David Wilson for the chicken vegetable soup, from a disabled friend.

• Keith Warf for his letter supporting corporate tax cuts, growing deficits and cutting Social Security.

• 106.1 The River for gracing us with just a touch of Christmas music until Christmas weekend.

• all of my family and my friends for a wonderful, wonderful Christmas, from Betty Roll.

• Needler’s Market for giving away excess Christmas trees so more people could enjoy a beautiful holiday.

• my kind Christmas angel who left the little teddy bear and candy on my doorstop, from Dorothy.

• the pet lover whose daughter let us use a digital coupon to save a lot of money at the pet store and the helpful advice on how to make my cats feel better.

• the person who found my iPhone on Tuesday evening and turned it in.

Onions to …

• officials who don’t believe a needle exchange program in Columbus is needed.

• those who don’t realize that lowering taxes to increase tax revenue is just another alternative fact.

• those who don’t understand the First Amendment guarantees our God-given right to bow our knee to the Lord any time we feel the need to pray for assistance in fighting injustice.

• our local representative and his ridiculous attempt to pacify others, since his proposed legislation would discriminate against freedom of expression.

• the ridiculous state representative for trying to create safe spaces for easily offended fans at NFL games.

• the local elected official who wants to take away a football player’s right to free expression.

• the vice president who applauds raising taxes on the middle class and taking away health care, while he wastes U.S. taxes jetting around the country.

• the package delivery drivers that pull out in front of you and makes you slam on your brakes.

Happy Birthday to …

• Robin Gassaway.

• Taryn Sims.

• Lauren Carter.

• Skip Robertson.

• Carol Biggs.

• Adeleigh Thayer.

• Raymond Harper, from your sister.

• Belated Happy Birthday to…

• Amanda Burden, from Dove Ministries.

• Missy Spears, from Dove Ministries.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Owen and Karen Childers and Phillip and Sharon Harker, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Lucas and Becky Crowder.

• Belated Happy Anniversary to…

• Marcus D. and Jennifer Barr Spear, from all the Rock Creek Township and John Tinkey.