Around Town – December 30

Orchids to …

• the witty individual who can send an Onion disguised as an Orchid, well done.

• the Third Street McDonald’s for selling punch cards this weekend to benefit Turning Point’s Raise The Roof Campaign.

• Colene, Helen and Kathy for all their assistance on our short trip, from Betty.

• the woman who stepped in front of us at the Kroger pharmacy and paid for my wife’s medication.

• Tammy and Dave Miller for a delicious meal at Gray Brothers for Christmas Eve, from Mom and Bill

• subscribers on my paper routes over the past three years, your kind words and generosity are more appreciated than you could know, from Alex Bell.

• Jennifer at Walmart pharmacy on Whitfield Drive for being so helpful and nice, from the Pruitts.

Onions to …

• Congress for ensuring a rising deficit and inevitable cuts to Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare.

• those who are complaining about Mike Pence’s holiday activities.

• those who don’t realize that lowering taxes increasing tax revenue is a true fact which has been proven many times in the past, and don’t understand how that works.

• advocates of a short-sighted tax refund while wages remain stagnant, despite an economy near full employment for almost three years.

• the local elected official whose opinion of expression is an embarrassment, as is the vice president’s.

• people that need to read the book of Luke to learn that Joseph was a carpenter and they had to go to Bethlehem to register for the census, but there was no room for them to spend the night.

• the person who failed to understand that Mary and Joseph, in fact, had a home but were temporarily victims of big government and that they were turned away.

• the person who said that Mary and Joseph were refugees, when in fact they were ordered by the government to their own town to take a census.

Happy Birthday to …

• Lauren Simmons, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Connie Davidson.

• Nick Sanders.

• Marcia Teltoe, from your family.

• Caleb Jenkins, from Grandma McKenzie and the rest of the family

• Caleb Spencer, enjoy your birthday gift to watch the Pacers play today, from GG.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Jim and Nelda Haislup, from Clifford Order of Eastern Star.

ANOTHER beautiful morning