Letter: Let’s take a page from Rep. Smith

From: Cheryl Miles-Vieth


After reading your article informing me that Rep. Milo Smith plans to put forth legislation stating anyone offended by an athlete using the right of free speech to protest in a nonviolent manner would have the right to a full ticket refund, my first response was “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

With the opioid epidemic, increase in poverty levels, brain drain and growing wage gap between male and female workers, to name a few issues facing our state, this is what he chooses as a top legislative action?

Once I calmed down and thought more about it, I realized this could be a positive for me. If being offended by the practice of free speech means a refund, then I could get a gasoline refund every time I passed a yard sign during a campaign cycle that had Milo Smith’s name on it.