Around Town – January 1

Orchids to …

• Sean at the AT&T store for his help, from a disabled person.

• Ron Rice for his help, from a disabled person.

• Cheryl Vieth for the awesome letter encompassing many shared opinions.

• Milo Smith for speaking for many of us who are offended by the disrespect shown to our country by those who have been given many golden opportunities.

• my newspaper carrier who put the paper outside my garage door.

• the Hales — may the force be with you.

• Lee Hamilton and Mickey Kim, whose articles I never skip.

• the staff at Hickory Creek of Columbus for making the holidays wonderful, from a grateful family.

Happy Birthday to …

• Howard Houshour, from your friends and Bethel Baptist Church.

• Abby Calendar.

• Brandon Fletcher.

• Joe Burney.

• Jeff Gilbert.

• Kristopher Allman.

Happy Anniversary to …

• John and Patsy Welch, from your daughter.

ANOTHER beautiful morning