Around Town – January 3

Orchids to …

• the kind person who paid for the two ladies’ breakfasts at Kramer’s on Saturday morning.

• The Republic for the fine article on law enforcement officers who died in 2017, from a widow.

• Rudy at Joe Willy’s Burger Bar for looking for my lost phone, from at grateful lady.

• David Clouse at Hope Utilities for thawing out our water at The Corner Cafe.

• The Republic for publishing John Krull’s enlightening articles, from a reader who enjoys his opinion.

• Ron and Cheryl Gearries and all other carriers for delivering in this brutal weather.

• Bethel Holiness Church for a wonderful New Year’s Day dinner.

• Lowell General Baptist Church for a wonderful Watch Night service and dinner.

• the very nice young couple who paid for our dinner Sunday, New Year’s Eve, at Texas Roadhouse, after we gave them an extra coupon we had.

• Ken and Colleen Rogalski for putting up such beautiful Christmas decorations for the neighbors to enjoy, from Deb Lienhoop.

Onions to …

• the state representative more interested in dictating people’s thinking than in doing the proper business of the state.

• those who support a president who jokes about global warming when it causes increasingly destructive and devastating hurricanes.

• stores that make people use the self checkout late at night.

• the six adult children who did not give one Christmas gift to the mother who raised all of them by herself.

• the city for leaving the lane going to nowhere at Johnson Boulevard when two turn lanes are needed to turn west on State Road 46.

• those who don’t realize that lowering taxes increases tax revenue is not a true fact since the state of Kansas has proven otherwise.

• those supporting our political leader who is willfully ignorant concerning how global warming works.

• anyone who thinks that returning to the town of your birth for a government-mandated census makes you a refugee.

• people who send in letters to the editor and then call in Orchids to their own letters.

• those who would rather argue over the status of Joseph and Mary rather than the lessons of being a good Samaritan or straining a gnat.

• the person who won’t do anything about all the loud vehicles.

• those who don’t realize that the census that Joseph and Mary responded to helped fulfill prophecy of where Christ was to be born.

• the couple making unnecessarily rude comments about the young mother nursing her baby at the local restaurant and giving her dirty looks.

• the senator from Indiana who voted no to the tax cuts.

• government officials and others who are offended by fellow U.S. citizens taking a stand or a knee against injustices that occur in this country.

• Bartholomew County and Columbus for not having community centers for people to go when it’s cold.

• people who have the horse that is sitting out in the front yard with no shelter or anything in this subzero weather.

• stores that do not accept EBT cards.

• managers who let cashiers who have the flu work the register, potentially infecting the entire community.

• the owner and fans of the Colts that wanted the coach fired.

• businesses that expect you to be at work but can’t heat the building to 66 degrees and have only very cold water to wash hands with.

Happy Birthday to …

• Max Lay, from your family and Donna.

• Shirley Smith, from your friends and Bethel Baptist Church.

• Alley Griggs, from Pappaw, Mammaw and Grandma Jean.

• Bill Rothrock Sr., from granddaughter Blair.

• Tammy Clouse, from friends at the Moravian Church.