Letter: We must work to allow non-rich to run for office

From: Emery Sheffield


If one has no great amount of money one can not run for public office. Aside from the money that it takes for advertising and time to run for public office, the ability to leave one’s place of employment to devote time for the run for public office, unless one is rich, one can not do that.

How can we equalize the ability of the rich to run for office and the people who are not rich to run for public office?

So, it seems that we depend on the rich to run for public office. And, we depend on the rich to take our part as everyday people.

You have a bit of influence, not by being rich, but by being a representative of the press.

How can we allow people who are not rich, but who are very capable, to be able to run for U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives? How do we equalize the rich and the poor?

Life is not always fair. But we can make life fairer if we choose to work a bit harder.