Letter: Park visit makes one think about life’s real necessities

From: Kenneth Landreth


The other day I went to the state park, walked off the trail a ways, sat down on a fallen tree. It was so quiet and peaceful, the sun was so bright and warm. After a short time, the woods came to life.

There, I saw a squirrel, ho! There’s a raccoon. Hey, there’s a snake — he just looked at me and then moved on. Thank you, Mr. Snake. Then I saw a deer; she was just wandering around. Then I heard a noise coming from a creek nearby.

Look: two beavers. They were building a dam; the creek was starting to back up. Wonder why they built that dam and just how long before someone tears it apart. Oh my, there’s an eagle. It was so beautiful, just soaring up there in the clear blue sky.

Then it came to me — maybe our people in Washington should go spend a day in a park. I didn’t see any abuse or harassment; their color or size made no difference. There wasn’t any fighting — no one calling others names. It was amazing; everyone of these creatures got along with all.

Amazing — that world out there was so clean, so quiet, so peaceful.

Maybe we should all visit a big park.