Around Town – January 10

Orchids to …

• Garden of Grace Gift Shop on Cottage Avenue for the beautiful store they have brought to Columbus.

• Columbus Fire Department and EMT staff for their quick response helping the woman who fell on the ice in the alley Wednesday night.

• The Mormon missionaries for helping me move, Geneva Humphress.

• Tim Waggoner for putting our newspaper on the back step every morning, from Pappy and Granny.

• Lida at the Sprint store on State Road 46 in Columbus for being so kind and understanding with the distraught woman Monday morning.

• Marquita Tuck for the beautiful table service and all the wonderful food and hard work you did to feed the men and women at the Two Worlds clubhouse Monday, from your friends at Two Worlds.

• the person who submitted the Orchid on Mr. Ed, you gave me my first big belly-laugh of 2018.

• Ogilville Christian Church for the delicious Christmas meal and gift card, from a Taylorsville woman.

• the kind person who put our cellphone on top of the white car at Skooter’s restaurant Monday evening, from thankful people.

Onions to …

• people sick with the flu who stick their hand out to shake hands.

• teachers that don’t keep grades up to date in PowerSchool, but expect students to turn in their work on time.

• people who do not obey the speed limit or stop signs on Parkside Drive, a school zone.

• the inexcusable lack of safety around retention ponds.

Happy Birthday to …

• Danny Burton, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Caleb Hoover.

• McKayla Maddy.

• Keegan Garrison.

• Tim Lee.

• Macie Hill.

• Chad Crull.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Greg and Guiann Conover, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.