Around Town – January 14

Orchids to …

• the nurses in the IV Infusion Center at Columbus Regional Hospital for the very competent, compassionate and professional care for the last few months, from Kristen.

• Dr. Vermillion and staff at Columbus Animal Hospital for helping us take care of Momma Bear.

• Superintendent Dr. Jim Roberts for being cautious and rational in your decision-making and thinking about the safety of students and their families along with school faculty and staff in cancelling school Friday and waiting to see what the weather was before doing so.

• Justin Hohn for your excellent letter regarding less government and individual responsibility.

• REMC for their great job in getting our electric back on, from the Hensleys.

• Cody Hege for cleaning the driveway and porch, from Grandma Hege and Aunt Mary.

• Steve Schoettmer for his excellent letter to the editor, from Judy.

• my wonderful and thoughtful neighbors, Brian and Suzie Singer, for clearing my driveway and front steps of snow and for bringing my newspaper and mail up to my house, from Betty.

• the Education Committee of Bartholomew County Indivisible for sponsoring the education forum and viewing of the video, “Rise Above the Mark,” which recommends positive changes for our public school system.

• the two adults and four teenagers who cleaned driveways and sidewalks on Shields Drive on Saturday, from a very appreciative elderly couple.

• Rick and Jane Seifert for being such kind and thoughtful neighbors and calling to check on me, from Betty.

Happy Birthday to …

• Hetty Bateman, from your family and Donna.

• Ethan Davis, from Pat and Mike.

• Kayla Goecker on No. 14, from Papaw and Mamaw Goecker, Mom, Dad, A.J., Emma and the rest of your family.

Happy Birthday to …

• Barbara Schnadinger, from Jenny, Steve, Chesney and Bentley.

ANOTHER beautiful morning