Letter: Find way to get ordinary people into public office

From: Emery Sheffield


Do you want to run for state representative to the Indiana Legislature? Minimum of $10,000 out of your pocket. If you succeed in winning the primary, you might have some funds from your party.

Do you want to run for senator from Indiana? You might need $100,000 to start your campaign. If you win in the primary, you will need millions of dollars to win or lose.

How is it that money chooses our representatives?

We are missing many capable people who could make a difference in our lives, if only we were able to have those capable people run for office. But most people don’t have the funds to leave their lives and money to make a run for public office.

Until we have a way to support capable people to represent us, we will be beholden to the most wealthy who have the funds to win elections and have nothing to do other than to represent us.

What is our response as everyday people? Perhaps we should have an everyman political action committee that supports our area, not Democratic or Republican, but for our welfare.

Consider the place where we live. Columbus could give the best of our talented people to the state and to the nation. We need to form a political action committee to further our interests and to become a voice in the chaos of the state and the nation.