Letter: Doctors to blame for at least some addictions

From: Theresa Schultz

North Vernon

I want to say something about the letter to the editor from Ken Fudge that was published in the Sunday edition of The Republic.

Yes, there are people that choose to do drugs and should take responsibility for their actions. But there are also people like me that are prescribed opioid drugs for things like chronic pain. There are also people that are prescribed opioids for simple procedures like tooth extractions and simple surgeries. I had three C-sections and not once was I prescribed an opioid for pain!

I have chronic leg pain. I have been on Vicodin, hydrocodone, and finally had an implanted pain pump with the drug hydromorphone. I chose this because I knew I couldn’t abuse it. My pain doctor chose the dose and how often it was administered.

When he retired, I had to choose a new pain doctor. Without insurance, I couldn’t afford his prices, so I asked him to wean me off my pain medications. His answer was to drop me from his practice. I went through two-and-a-half months of withdrawal agony, and I still suffer from bouts of depression. I didn’t turn to illegal drugs because I don’t believe in them, but I can easily see how someone could.

Until these doctors are held responsible for what they prescribe and wean their patients off before they say, “No more,” this will be a problem. Like I said, some people choose this route, but not everyone does.