October Birth Records

Shane Matthew Yates and Rebekah Ann Yates, daughter, Oct. 2.

Carlos Alberto Sousa and Catherine Alviz-Radi, daughter, Oct. 2.

Guannan Qiao and Chang Liu, son, Oct. 2.

Andrew Joseph Hartwell and Shelby Anne Brooks, son, Oct. 2.

Virgilio Osorio Moheno and Yara Magaly Ochoa Gonzalez, son, Oct. 2.

Andrew Jesse Yoakam and Abby Elisabeth Yoakam, son, Oct. 3.

Parker Charles-Dean Harsh and Brittany Nicole Bruner, son, Oct. 3.

Brett Matthew Purdue and Whitney Ann Purdue, son, Oct. 3.

Aaron Curtis Russell and Courtney Lynne Moore, daughter, Oct. 3.

Nicholas Holland Garnsey and Nicole Lynne Garnsey, daughter, Oct. 3.

David Lee Loutner and Ashley Ann Loutner, daughter, Oct. 3.

Janel Jose Cardona and Ainoa Mazeika, daughter, Oct. 4.

Caleb Jeremiah Rosenbalm and Brittany Nichole Rogers, son, Oct. 4.

Skyler Wayne Engleking and Kaci Narae Vaughn, daughter, Oct. 4.

Ryan Jeremy Crissinger and Jessica Nicole Crissinger, daughter, Oct. 5.

Brett Alan Ferry and Katherine Elizabeth Ferry, daughter, Oct. 5.

Amol Suresh Sonje and Minal Magan Talware, daughter, Oct. 5.

Nathan Edward Jarrell and Chelsea Dawn Jarrell, son, Oct. 5.

Ethan Henry Kern and Kristen Nicole Kern, daughter, Oct. 5.

Dustin Ryan Chaney and Natashia Starr Wilson, daughter, Oct. 5.

Justin James Wooton and Tiffany Rena Dillon, son, Oct. 5.

Courtney Darlene Sizemore, son, Oct. 5.

Dillon Reed Madden and Kristina Beth Madden, daughter, Oct. 6.

Andrew Douglas Keffaber and Charity Mica Keffaber, son, Oct. 6.

Li-Chieh Lo and Yi Lin Chu, son, Oct. 7.

Enoc Bello Albarran and Beatriz Betancourt, daughter, Oct. 8.

Eric John O’Malley and Melissa Kathryn O’Malley, daughter, Oct. 8.

Bulado Jean-Poix and Natalie Francios, daughter, Oct. 8.

Dustin Tyler Dykes and Alyssa Jordon Dykes, son, Oct. 9.

Kenneth Lee Wilkes and Katherine Marie Ritenour, daughter, Oct. 9.

Scott David Cline and Alisha Lynn Cline, daughter, Oct. 9.

Kyle Thomas Smith and Emily Marie Smith, daughter, Oct. 9.

Shane Scott Bryant and Jennifer Lynn Bryant, son, Oct. 9.

Jeffery Matthew Blue and Denise Renee Pennington, son, Oct. 9.

Dylan James Crawford and Laura Rae Bryant, daughter, Oct. 9.

Kyle Steven Vanzant and Lindsey Erin Vanzant, daughter, Oct. 10.

Michael Thomas Martin and Jessica Renee Martin, daughter, Oct. 11.

Matthew William Maze and Heather Grace Maze, son, Oct. 11.

Carl August Jones and Kyla Rene’e Jones, daughter, Oct. 11.

Clayton Ray Nolting and Brelyn Marie Nolting, son, Oct. 12.

Aaron James Towell Watson and Cheyanna Lee Watson, daughter, Oct. 12.

Trina Danell Abbott, son, Oct. 12.

Dalton Wade Herrin and Katherine Ann Herrin, son, Oct. 12.

Edwin Anthony Ramos and Evelisse Calo-Ramos, daughter, Oct. 13.

Ross Kenneth Stroud and Paige Renee Michael-Stroud, son, Oct. 13.

Juan Carlos Salas and Priscilla Calderon Trinidad, son, Oct. 13.

Sara Megan McCullough, daughter, Oct. 13.

Velmurugan Rajendran and Umamaheswari Murugaiyan, son, Oct. 14.

Karl Derick Nading and Shyan Lynn George, son Oct. 15.

Joshua Richard Fuhs and Karla Carale Stricker Fuhs, son, Oct. 16.

Angela Marie Kinnett, daughter, Oct. 16.

Jacob Weston Little and Crystal Faye Arthur, son, Oct. 16.

Nicholas William Doffing and Ashley Faye Doffing, daughter, Oct. 16.

Jeremiah William Ward and Stephanie Ann Ward, son, Oct. 16.

Christopher Edward Schoonover and Abigail Helen Lenore Schoonover, daughter, Oct. 17.

Stephen Lee Sanders and Meredith Kathleen Sanders, son, Oct. 17.

Derian Michael Gresham and Dakota Dawn Napier, daughter, Oct. 17.

Lathan Lawayne Bass and Brianna Shaniese Howard-Bass, son, Oct. 18.

Robert George Sperry and Kelly Carter Sperry, son, Oct. 18.

Matthew John Newberry and Natasha Fay Waggoner, son, Oct. 19.

Brandon Dean Lisenby and Natisha Nichole Hendricks, daughter, Oct. 19.

David Anthony Currier and Catelyn Elizabeth Hooton, daughter, Oct. 19.

Robert Allen Littiken and Ashley Nicole Littiken, son, Oct. 20.

Trenton Curtis White and Kourtney Jo Eaken, son, Oct. 22.

Austin Michael Gibson and Michelle Renee Prince, daughter, Oct. 22.

Sanjib Chowdhury and Oindrila Raha, daughter, Oct. 23.

Justin David Whitmore and Jennifer Marie Whitmore, son, Oct. 23.

Kameshwaran Sasidharan and Varsha Saketharaman, son, Oct. 23.

Carlos Velancio Sears and Heather Krystyn Warbington, daughter, Oct. 23.

Zachary Andrew Hahn and Lindsey Nicole Hahn, daughter, Oct. 23.

Richard Paul Hardin and Amanda Elizabeth Hardin, son, Oct. 23.

Brandi Jo Floyd, daughter, Oct. 24.

Alisha Marie Satkowiak, son, Oct. 24.

Nathaniel Josiah Swanson and Taylor Elizabeth Swanson, daughter, Oct. 25.

Yujun Wang and Ting Liu, son, Oct. 25.

William Thomas Haas and Jessica Renee Walker, son, Oct. 25.

Spencer Philip Heaton and Ariah Paige Heaton, son, Oct. 25.

Jacob Andrew Vautaw and Holly Andell Nichalson, son, Oct. 26.

Raymond Enrique Esteras and Jeimy Joy Castellano, son, Oct. 26.

Grant William Russo and Kelsey Lynne Russo, son, Oct. 27.

Alexander Patrick Prentice Moon and Rebecca Jane Moon, daughter, Oct. 27.

Michael Thomas Herkamp and Heather Anne Herkamp, daughter, Oct. 27.

Austin Lee Chamberlain and Jessica Ruth Wood, son, Oct. 27.

Glenn Thomas Dejarnette and Jenny Elizabeth Dejarnette, daughter, Oct. 29.

Sridhar Chitti and Shalini Davuluri, daughter, Oct. 29.

Jonathan Michael Blandin and Bilyana Blandin, daughter, Oct. 29.

Travis Ray Pickett and Kimberly Ann Pickett, daughter, Oct. 29.

Trey Nathaniel Shipley and Courtney Mae Dickson, daughter, Oct. 29.

Amit G. Patel and Sonal Sumant Patel, daughter, Oct. 30.

John Charles Busack and Brooke Renee Elkins, daughter, Oct. 30.

Andrew Nolan Brown and Haley Marie Brown, daughter, Oct. 30.

Nicholas Timothy Johnson and Katrina Lyn Evans, son, Oct. 30.

Nathaniel Levi Giles and Miranda Paige Giles, daughter, Oct. 31.

Carlos Luis Alvarado and Crystal Dawn Johnson, daughter, Oct. 31.

Robert Raymond Talkington and Allyson Olivia Talkington, son, Oct. 31.

Caleb Ronald White and Sarah Leeann White, son, Oct. 31.

Jacob Thomas Hauer and Alexis Hope Hauer, daughter, Oct. 31.

Derek Wayne Messer and Chelsea Carrie Grace Messer, daughter, Oct. 31.