Around Town – January 21

Jan 21

Orchids to …

• the Franke family for hosting a special day at the downtown Dairy Queen on Saturday.

• Michelle at Benjamin Podiatry for being so kind to her patients.

• Columbus East and Columbus North show choir students for a wonderful performance Friday evening.

• Columbus East and Columbus North choir directors for a great job directing choir students and bringing them together for a wonderful show, from a pleased parent.

• Mickey Kim and Gethin Thomas for putting your Korean BBQ skills to the test and for such a delicious way to support Turning Point.

• the Barkes, Weaver & Glick Funeral Home family for the kindness and warmth shared with us during our celebration of Cindy Barnett’s life; Minister Marcus Speer for the genuine words of farewell you spoke at the service for Cindy Barnett; and all my fellow teachers and Two Worlds family who have provided support and comfort during this most difficult time, from Mary Clark and the Barnett family.

• the students and school staff who were open-minded enough to consider the feelings of others and who changed their homecoming theme for the basketball game.

• The Republic carrier in McCullough’s Run for always putting my paper on the porch, especially in the icy and snowy weather, from Colleen.

• all who recognize that drug addiction is a disease and not a character flaw.

• the Rev. Armstrong on his excellent column on Biblical views in Saturday’s paper.

• The Republic carrier on Pennsylvania Street for excellent service during this snowy, cold winter, from Delores.

• Hauser high school students who showed empathy, kindness and responsibility in being willing to modify their plans.

Happy Birthday to …

• Carolyn Owens, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Mike Trimnell, from your family and Donna.

• Kathy Mann, with love from Justin, Natalie, Abby, Nicholas, Maddie and Eli.

• Emily Von Fange, from her Nanna in Seymour.

• Scotty Fields, from the whole Elkins family.

• Landon Harker, Sean Eberhart, Diane Stafford and Ruth Hitchcock, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Betty Misner.

• Amy Jines.

• Boaz Frazier-Bey.

• Lisa Duke, from your Daughters of Isabella sisters.

• Wanda Hunter from W.W.

• Magda Gamez, my dear friend who has always been there when I need a helping hand, advice or just a hug, from you know who.

• Henry Phelps, with love from your family.

• Cherie Hill, from the family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Mary and Royce Glick on No. 50, from Vickie and Steve.