Around Town – January 25

Orchids to …

• The Republic’s carrier on Kentucky Avenue for great service.

• Lew Wilson for his service in the political system, and to local government.

• the person who tried hard to get exciting guest speakers, even though they didn’t perform as expected.

• Russ Poling Sr. for a great letter to the editor.

• Caleb Tennis for a spot-on letter to the editor.

• Nancy Speer for furnishing a fresh peach pie to the South Central Indiana Christian Men’s Fellowship dinner on Tuesday.

• New Hope Christian Church for helping a disabled person get to the South Central Indiana Christian Men’s Fellowship meeting.

• Matt Miller for speaking out against the proposed “puppy mill.”

• neighboring school superintendents for caring for the safety of their staff and students.

• those opposing the proposed “puppy mill.”

• Don and Diana McNicholas for always being there for us from, Anji and Roger.

• true friends who return phone calls and dinner invitations.

• Dennie, Claudia and Katy for the Friday night entertainment, from your three sisters.

• Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp. for always putting the safety of students first.

• Scott at Fairington Court Apartments for keeping the senior citizens safe.

• Caleb Tennis for his letter explaining that local government’s massive spending spree is the reason for raising local income taxes 40 percent.

• Caleb Tennis, Clyde Myers and Russell Poling for their letters objecting to local government officials’ big government overreach and tax increases.

• everyone who opposed the “puppy mill” proposal.

• Pamela at the east side Walmart for helping a senior citizen for two weeks with her groceries.

• Bob, from his big sister for helping with the groceries for the past three weeks.

• those who wrote letters to the editor opposing bigger government control and higher taxes and fees, from Glenn Petri.

Onions to …

• the superintendent for not delaying school two hours because of bad roads.

• gun advocates who continue to turn a blind eye to the national disgrace of mass shootings.

• those who complain about a man choosing not to shave when they should be thankful he bathes.

• those who complain of a elderly nurse working when we are on the verge of a major nursing shortage.

• school administrators for not calling a two-hour delay Wednesday when the roads were dangerously slick in the morning.

• people that don’t realize many elderly are working not because they want to but because they have to.

• the elected officials who hop from one office to the next.

• people that complain in the Onions about the elderly without realizing that in time they too will be in that category.

• school administrators for not showing care for teachers’ and students’ safety during dangerous road conditions in the morning.

• the vice president for trying to justify the president’s vulgar comments about Haiti and Africa.

• city officials who support spending $8.6 million on the Riverfront and do nothing about the residents of East Ridge Manor who are in jeopardy of flooding.

• those who wanted built a dog kennel to breed more dogs because we don’t need more dogs, and wonderful dogs are euthanized in shelters every day.

• city officials for proposing ugly and expensive concrete beach and artificial kayaking rapids in a yucky river.

Happy Birthday to …

• Morgan Bowker, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Emylee States, on No. 17 from Dad and Mom, Ethyn, Adyson, Hayden, Uncle Greg, and Grandma and Grandpa States.

• Vicki Griffin, from Dr. D and Diana Davidson

• Debbie Hill, from Marie.

• Judy Elliott.

• Brook Knudson.

• Abby Hartwell.

• Myles Buckner.

• Emilia Henderson on No. 17, from Nana.

Happy Anniversary to …

• David and Sandy Bense.