Around Town – January 26

Orchids to …

• Dr. Siegel and staff on Tower 7 at Columbus Regional Hospital for being so wonderful to my husband.

• Tom Anderson for rescuing me when I locked locked my keys in my car, from Terri.

• Clyde Myers for his letter to the editor about the city proposal to have rental owners register their personal information with the city.

• all the emergency responders, firemen, police and all who fought the fire at Carpet Mania.

• Whitney at kidscommons for being such a fun boss.

• Dr. Bagsby, Allison and Aidee of Wellspring for their diligence in finding a facility to give me a STAT MRI, from Peggy and Jim Mitchell

• Enkei America and Rural King of Columbus for their generosity to Bartholomew County FFA alumni.

• all those who voted down the “puppy mill,” from Sheila

• the person who posted on Facebook the loose horses Sunday near CERAland, which shows the danger of running horses on State Road 7.

• the sheriff’s department personnel that helped with catching the horses Sunday, from a grateful person stopped in traffic on State Road 7.

• whoever turned in the phone at the Bartholomew County landfill.

• the Bartholomew County ministers who reminded us that Jesus said to love one another.

• Tim Kreinhagen for bringing me home Wednesday morning when the roads were icy.

• Jane Lyle upon her retirement, from Sue Romine.

• Jody at Needler’s grocery for making our beautiful fruit basket, from Ray Detraz.

• Russ Poling Sr. for pointing out the need for local leaders to listen more and talk less, from David Jones.

• Clyde Myers, for his letter to the editor illustrating another example of government overreach and the trampling of the rights of business owners in Bartholomew County, from David Jones.

• Caleb Tennis, for nailing the argument that constant increases in taxes only hurt the local economy, not strengthen it, from David Jones.

• Caleb Tennis for his letter to the editor showing that out-of-control spending by local government officials is the problem, not a lack of tax revenues.

• all the nurses and staff in the operating area and to one special nurse, Morgan, who treated me well, from Gail Krebbs.

• Nicole Hoggatt for being such a great worker and taking care of my mom at the nursing home.

• the three courageous religious leaders who strongly articulated the truth about conduct of the leaders in the White House.

• the person who bought me a sandwich at Subway, from Ed.

• Russ Taylor, for being a true friend, from Arnie.

Onions to …

• those who blocked a “puppy mill” but allow CAFOs.

• the school administration with skewed priorities: not having two-hour delays during dangerous weather and securing funding for athletics facility improvements.

• those complaining about the lack of a two-hour delay when parents can choose to keep their children home or take them to school themselves instead of waiting on a superintendent who’s doing a fantastic job.

• social justice pastors in our community who sound like they need to run for political office.

• the person who apparently didn’t get the hint the last time they ran and is running for elected office again after getting humiliated in the last election.

• the pastor who misrepresented what the White House said about illegal immigrants.

• school administrators for canceling or delaying school every time the sun doesn’t shine because it sends the wrong message for when students enter the workforce.

• the employee that only stands at the computer at the desk while an 89-year old woman goes out on the sales floor and cleans and cleans and cleans while she just watches her.

• the mentality that all taxpayers must pay for people’s unquenchable, vaguely undefinable quality of life.

• those for events that revolve around beer drinking.

• those who want to invest millions into a place that sits along the river when the river floods often, instead of putting money toward better restaurants, places to shop and things to do in Columbus.

Happy Birthday to …

• Pam Nading, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jordan Alsip.

• Linda Nagel, from all her Red Hat friends.

• Kensey Schwering on No. 3, from Mommy and Daddy, Koby, Kali and Nanny Pappy Schwering.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Dean Satterfield, from Stacy and Addison.

Happy Anniversary to …

• John and Lynn Whittington from Aunt Elsie.