Around Town – January 27

Orchids to …

• Tim McNealy for helping put together the memorabilia for the Wayne Coy visitation, and to Don Barringer for his added valuable material.

• the nursing staff and support teams for their flexibility and teamwork as they supported patients with three different strains of the flu, from nursing leadership at Columbus Regional Hospital.

• Dawn, Shounak and Mash for being such wonderful neighbors and for the delicious soup they made and delivered to me, from Cindy.

• registered nurse Angie Turner for being a positive, supportive mentor to nursing students, from your coworkers.

• the person that expressed the comment concerning the elderly working out of need, because sadly it is so true.

• Ernie Dailey, for his assistance and concern and going above and beyond lending a helping hand, from a grateful coworker at Cummins.

• all of the first responders, firefighters, police officers and everyone else who helped battle the fire at Carpet Mania.

• the president who is correcting the mistakes of the past administration.

• all bus drivers who drove in terrible road conditions Wednesday.

• Dr. Richard T. Newton II for always being a caring dentist, from Laura

• Denise at Centra Credit Union for being patient with the older woman.

• the nice lady at Auto Zone who stood in the cold Thursday putting my wiper blades on, which was appreciated.

Onions to …

• the school corporation that puts our kids’ lives at risk so our kids won’t miss school.

• people who don’t realize those folks capable of breaking the law and shooting people are not going to obey a gun-control law.

• the group that sent me a bill when I had to go in person to talk to them after they failed to answer my calls for a week.

• state lawmakers who are even considering legalizing medical marijuana when federal law prohibits it in all forms, and federal law trumps state law.

• those that make token social media prayers that do nothing.

• the driver who used the enter-only lane at the National Road Centra Credit union as an exit, despite a sign saying “No Exit” Wednesday afternoon.

• the so-called Christians that judge people and call them names like xenophobic and racist, which is not like a Christian.

• the pastor who has corrupted his ethics by political name calling.

• the owner of the horses that got loose on State Road 7 because it caused me to be late for work.

• the staff member who’s driving the nice European car and parking in a neighboring restaurant’s parking lot.

Happy Birthday to …

• Adam Carrigan, from your friends and Bethel Baptist Church.

• Richard Kellems, from your family and Donna.

• Tammy Phelps-Stephens.

• Bootie Burton and Eugene Rooks, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Lexia Capes, from your family and Donna.

• Audrey Hirons, from your family and Donna.

• Nathan Cline, from your family, Hardware team and Donna.

• Michelle Phelps.

• Larry Lewis from Bob, Jeri, Shirley, and from the rest of your family.

• Linda Diekhoff, from Jeri, Kim, Sharon, Janet, Lisa, Andy, Morgan, Camari, Kelli, Emma, and Kevin

Happy Anniversary to …

• Charles Lynn and Ro Ann Whittington on No. 50, from Aunt Mary and Aunt Elsie.