Election 2018: More candidates file

Here is an updated list of candidate filings for 2018 as of 5 p.m. Friday.

U.S. Representative — Sixth District

» Thomas G. Ferkinhoff (R)

» Jim Pruett (D)

State Senator, District 41

» Greg Walker (R)

» Ross Thomas (D)

State Senator, District 43

» Clyde A. “Chip” Perfect Jr. (R)

State Representative, District 57

» Sean Eberhart (R)

State Representative, District 59

» Jo Flohr (R)

» Ryan Lauer (R)

» Lew Wilson (R)

» Mary Kohen (D)

» Dale Nowlin (D)

State Representative, District 69

» Nancy L. Franke (R)

» Charles Johnson (R)

» Jim Lucas (R)

» Steve Schoettmer (D)

Judge of Bartholomew Superior Court 1

» James “Jim” Worton (R)

Prosecuting Attorney

» William M. “Bill” Nash (R)

Clerk of the Circuit Court

» Jay Phelps (R)

Bartholomew County Auditor

» Pia O’Connor (R)

Bartholomew County Recorder

» Tami L. Hines (R)

Bartholomew County Treasurer

» Barb Hackman (R)

Bartholomew County Sheriff

» Robert “Rob” V. Kittle Jr. (R)

» Matt Myers (R)

Bartholomew County Assessor

» Ginny Whipple (R)

Bartholomew County Commissioner, District 2

» Carl H. Lienhoop (R)

Bartholomew County Council, District 1

» Marcus D. Speer (R)

» Hanna Omar (D)

Bartholomew County Council, District 2

» Laura DeDomenic (R)

Bartholomew County Council, District 3

» Mark E. Gorbett (R)

Bartholomew County Council, District 4

» Jorge “George” Morales (R)

Columbus Township Trustee

» Ben Jackson (R)

Clay Township Trustee

» John A. McDonald (R)

Jackson Township Trustee

» Bruce F. Bartells (R)

Wayne Township Trustee

» Brenda K. Mijares (R)

Clay Township Advisory Board

» Roger L. Fromer (R)

Clifty Township Advisory Board

» William L. Erfmeier (R)

Columbus Township Advisory Board

» J. Stuart “Stu” Cundiff (R)

» Lloyd E. Miller (R)

» Dustin C. Renner (R)

» Michael Shireman (R)

German Township Advisory Board

» James A. Stevens (R)

» James Mahoney (D)

Hawcreek Township Advisory Board

» Kim A. Miller (D)

Jackson Township Advisory Board

» Sue Ann Lee (R)

Rockcreek Township Advisory Board

» Garry L. Barker (R)

» Jim Reed (R)

» Ronald Speer (R)

Sandcreek Township Advisory Board

» Ronald H. Hoevener (R)

» David R. Skinner (D)

» Roger Williams (D)

Wayne Township Advisory Board

» Michael R. Bell (R)

» Dennis Tibbetts (D)

Elizabethtown Clerk-Treasurer

» Judy L. Nichols (R)

Elizabethtown Council At-Large

» Robert Tertocha (R)

Hope Council At-Large

» Chelsea Warriner (D)

State Convention Delegate

» Roger D. Hackman (R)

» DeWayne Hines (R)

» Ben Jackson (R)

» Isaac P. Jackson (R)

» Matt Miller (R)

» Ann L. Jones (D)

» William D. Jones (D)

» Richard “Rick” Scalf (D)

Precinct Committeeman

» Richard “Rick” Scalf (D)

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