Kind gesture

Clifford’s town marshal, Charlie DeWeese, has been without an official police vehicle for four months because the one he had been using became inoperable and too expensive to fix.

So, he’s had to use his own SUV for duties. Without proper lights and markings on the vehicle, though, he cannot use it for traffic stops or to transport people to jail.

Fortunately, Crothersville Police Chief Brent Turner wants to donate a used 2009 Ford Crown Victoria with about 100,000 miles on it for DeWeese to use for free. All that’s waiting is official approval by the Crothersville Town Council and the Clifford Town Board.

This is a welcome and kind gesture that deserves approval, and a great example of how law enforcement agencies assist one another.

Beneficial scholarships

The late civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. was a proponent of education as a way for people to lift themselves up and improve their situations. Two groups for years have worked to ensure local students have such an opportunity.

Ten students recently received Martin Luther King Scholarships from either the local African American Pastors Alliance or Calvary Community Church. The support helps local students further their educations.

The annual efforts of the pastors alliance and the church are good ways to ensure King’s optimism lives on with students striving to improve themselves and make a difference in the broader world.

Grounds for celebration

The third Groundhog Day to be hosted this year by the Town of Hope sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Hauser High School’s band is among the new features for this year’s 8:30 a.m. Feb. 2 festivities.

Of course, Grubby the Groundhog is still the main attraction, foretelling whether six more weeks of winter are in store or if spring is arriving early. Also, the event includes a reception immediately afterward at Willow Leaves of Hope, 326 Jackson St.

Hope’s annual event gives the historic town square publicity in the middle of winter. Nearly 80 people came out for the event last year to experience the down-home fun. What’s not to love?