Around Town – January 31

Orchids to …

• everyone who supports those struggling with their addiction and help in any way they can to aid in their recovery.

• the angels who brought me the white cheddar Cheetos.

• the lady at Aldi on Friday for paying for my groceries.

• Alexis Crabtree for making the ninth-grade honor roll at Hauser High School, from her dad, Dale, and the Crabtree family.

• David Carothers at Max’s Jewelry for being the best ring and jewelry designer in Columbus and for always being so kind, from the Millers.

• my great-grandchildren, Greta Brown and Avery and Caleb Spencer, for getting on the honor roll this year in your schools, from GG.

• great-granddaughter Greta Brown and her basketball team from Mt. Healthy on their elementary basketball league championship at Columbus East on Saturday, from GG.

• those who would want “puppy mills” because our shelters are full of nice little dogs needing homes.

• all of our policeman in Bartholomew County and elsewhere whom I appreciate helping so many people at such a high risk.

• Russell Poling Sr., for his fine letter to the editor.

• Caleb Tennis on his comments in his recent letter to the editor.

• Clyde Myers on his letter to protect landlords from fees.

Onions to …

• whomever is responsible for not repainting the stop line and lane lines at the railroad intersection of County Road 550N and U.S. 31.

• pastors who use Hollywood morals as their standard to judge the White House.

• those who don’t understand that it is insurance companies who set doctors fees and they cannot bill you more than what is allowed.

• those who think doctors bill too much when they have staff (mostly insurance), utilities, rent, supply bills, malpractice to pay like everyone else.

• the city of Columbus for having an inordinate amount of potholes and criminals.

• the medical office that will not allow patients to speak with a live person.

Happy Birthday to …

• Betsy Downey.

• Dottie Sims.

• Lyne Green.

• Jordan Shoaf.

• Pam Carr, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jarrett Embry on your 17th birthday.

• Francis Probst, from the family.