Around Town – February 2

Orchids to …

• Vera at the Kroger gas station — I will pay your kindness forward, from Jolinda.

• Marvin Boffo for going over and beyond the duties of a landlord and making the world a better place just by being in it.

• Aaron Lynott for all your help, Liz Lindsey for use of the science lab, and Andy Alvarez for the awesome science experiments, from Mrs. Edwards’ pre-k class at Parkside.

• David Jones for telling it like it is.

• Barbara McKain, for all the ham and cheese you brought to me after surgery, from Estella Brooks

• the kind and honest lady who found our $40 and turned it in at the store — we’re very appreciative, from Dan and Karen.

• Travis and his dad at Bishopp’s Appliances for saving my oven racks, from Barb.

• Sharon Krieg for her letter alerting others to requirements for renewing their driver’s license.

• Richard Snyder of Snyder’s Environmental Service for such great service in dealing with my drain problem, from Esther Hedrick.

Onions to …

• the letter writer criticizing “the powers that be” for their lack of respect when he has been seen shouting and screaming at them at various meetings.

• those who make anonymous attacks to dissuade anyone willing to seek public office.

• to a president who calls for unity one day then tweets personal insults and attacks the next.

• the city for wanting to know how many private rentals there are, after they flooded the market with subsidized housing.

• the church that’s trying to make members pay for an expensive new building.

• to whomever believes that God’s recognition status is on the same level as tax reform, the national anthem, veterans healthcare and infrastructure.

• Bon-Ton Stores for closing our Columbus Carson’s store, which will be missed by many.

• the basketball coach who does not ride the bus home with his players.

• those who think it’s the insurance companies that set doctors’ fees.

Happy Birthday to …

• Larry Lee, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• Lin Xu, from your family and Donna.

• Harry Miller, from your family and Donna.

• Beverly Gilbert from Bethel Baptist Church and friends.

• Dorothy Renner, from Connie and family.

• David Simmons from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Steve Sweet.

• Austin Wilson.

• Ellen Harker.

• Jackson Shipley.

• David Lopez.

• Merinda Jesse Barriger.

• Brent Wells.

• Cora Kemble.

• Logan Downey.

• Brandon Goecker, from Papaw and Mamaw Goecker, Kristen, and from the rest of your family.

• Tracie Jarrett from Jeri, Mom, and from the rest of your family.

• Kathy Darnell, from the Garrison girls.

• Belated Happy Birthday to…

• Judy Simpson on Feb. 1.

ANOTHER beautiful morning