Around Town – February 6

Orchids to …

• Columbus Free Methodist Church for a wonderful first Sunday dinner and service.

• the Rev. Paul Castle for a wonderful service on Sunday.

• the West family for being good to a disabled person.

• Rick Moss, thank you for all the goodies.

• people who support the proposed landlord registration ordinance, because it’s not too much to ask of the landlords.

• Ronald and Carolyn Pruitt for inviting us to church.

• Pastor Marvin Mitchell for the tour of the sanctuary and for pushing me in the wheelchair so that I could go, from Frieda Richardson.

• the Eagles for deflating the Patriots and winning their first Super Bowl.

• Danny Sanders for hauling away the shower doors, from Peggy Dunlevy.

• Andy from Certified Appliance and Repair Co. for coming to put the new timer on my dryer on your day off, from Reba Kimmell.

Onions to …

• agencies responsible for not citing the owner of a large dog to run freely in the downtown area without a leash.

• parents of little kids who don’t make them wear a coat, hat or gloves in freezing weather when boarding the school bus every day on the east side.

• impatient drivers who have nothing better to do than complain about city traffic lights.

• the company that permits managers to pay employees for vacation time whether they want it or not.

• individuals and groups who smear people with the label of hate when they simply disagree with them.

• anyone who supports players who won’t stand for the national anthem.

• the city for allowing people to pile trash in their yards and on their porches.

• restaurant managers who spend time on their cellphone instead of waiting on customers.

• people who don’t clean up after their dogs at Donner Park and the cemetery.

• people who pull out in front of you and then turn on their left-turn light to make you stop.

Happy Birthday to …

• Ray Elliott, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Owen Talkington on No. 4, Mamaw and Papaw Simmons.

• Allie Cherry from Lisa Hammack.

• Beth Shafer, from Dad, Mom, Grandma Jean, Grandma Joan and Uncle George.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Suzie Elliott Norman, from all her Bartholomew County friends.