Letter: Leftist culture, media in U.S. need to grow up

From: Mike Zieles


The diatribe in the media and opinion it seems are sourced in rage about political opposition they “resist.” Ironically, some even claim love while disparaging their foes, with chants of “racist” or “xenophobe.” Their target is more truly “freedom chauvinist Americans.”

It really demonstrates a loathing to the voices debating an opposition view, and to the voters and their choice. Those satisfied by that diatribe are really lining up only to hear the gossip of “what fits my rational view.” The Russian “collusion,” fecal hole tattling and “he said” garbage are from third-party sources like U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and devout Democrat bureaucrats as anonymous sources.

If the leftist culture of society has even bothered to listen and consider what the opposite base knows, and had any principles to common law, it might consider that outrage for its recent high-ranking members. The entire left of any stature from local leaders to the national level are in cult unison debasing voice on all matters about Trump and “the right.” This is in line with what Hillary Clinton said: “These people are deplorable.”

Truth is, some of these bard voices have known the dirt that entrenched bureaucrats in the Department of Justice, FBI, National Security Agency from President Obama’s administration have been abusing their positions to spy on the opposition party’s nominee, and in the bureaus they continue to undermine this incoming administration after losing power. The FBI exonerated Hillary Clinton and most of her staff before they even interviewed them, and used a Russian-sourced dossier paid for by the Democratic National Committee as justification for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act wiretap warrant to carry this out. Also, the Obama administration IRS appointee, Lois Learner, was party to use her position, as a weapon, to deny conservative groups their tax filing to politically organize. If not against Democrats this would be decades of sensational media.

With much of the media stanch left, it’s not innocent “I didn’t want to be a party to gossip.” Rather, it’s the old “I loves me some gossip that fits what I want for me and my world.” I’d like it to end in mea culpa, but doubt that.

Offering a retrospect, there has been far more violence and abuse of other people’s rights by leftist ANTIFA. Citizens who have a concern for truth and open debate, in opposition are shut down regularly by violence (i.e. Berkeley). Leftists groups have been active in mob riots, wielding sign poles, spraying mace, fires and damaging property. This was such for Black Lives Matter, in that the national movement has started riots and a national rash of police being shot.

The Democrat culture base and most media have no qualm slinging broad negative attachments to opposition. What’s needed is intellectual critical reflection on their cultural elite. The level of leftism in this nation is too large, and that culture needs to stop, grow up and learn the culture of being a freedom chauvinist and limited reliance on government.