A Columbus businessman who has five grandchildren and is approaching retirement age said it’s understandable that people wonder why he’s decided to launch a congressional bid at this stage in his life.

Greg Pence’s answer to those questions is that he was moved to do so.

“The president of the United States (Donald Trump) along with my (younger) brother (Vice President Mike Pence) have inspired the heck out of me for what I think they’re going to do for the middle class and for the U.S. economy, and help people in this country,” said Pence, 61. “So, I went, ‘Sign me up; send me in, coach.’ Just like when I joined the Marine Corps. That’s my passion in this.”

Pence is seeking the Republican nomination for Indiana’s 6th District, which includes 19 counties stretching geographically northeast to southeast, and covering some of the central and south-central regions.

Vice President Pence served that district for 12 consecutive years before making a successful run for governor in 2012, and joining Trump as his running mate in their victorious 2016 presidential campaign. Republican Luke Messer has represented the 6th District for more than five years, but he’s giving up that seat at the end of the year to launch a bid for U.S. Senate.

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