From: William McCullough


The “Dreamers” are my fellow Americans. They were brought here as children and this is their home. They are quite accustomed to the life here and it would be cruel to send them to another country where they would be total strangers.

When the rule of law or its interpretation conflicts with the principles on which our country were established, plus compassion and just plain common sense, then the law or its interpretation, probably the latter, must be corrected.

If Congress and the president cannot come up with a satisfactory resolution, then I have a couple of suggestions:

  • Keep the “Dreamers,” deport President Donald Trump and build a “virtual” wall to prevent his re-entry.
  • Initiate an exchange program where the “Dreamers” stay and deport those who do not appreciate our country, showing their disdain by dishonoring the flag that represents the United States of America. This would include professional athletes and others who refuse to stand and show honor and respect during the national anthem.

Interpreting the right to freedom of speech as extended to freedom of expression has not been equally applied. By interpretation, that means it is OK for some person to stomp the flag in the mud but not for another person to express himself by stomping the first person in the mud. Totally unfair. This comes from a fiercely patriotic Korean War veteran.