Letter: U.S. not doing enough in fight against world poverty

From: Ann Jones


In partnership with developing countries, the United States has led a fight against hunger and poverty by investing in smart global development programs that make a difference by improving and building brighter futures. Our local group, Granny Connection, is really making major strides among families in Zambia affected by HIV. We are building much brighter futures among the 350 families in the program.

The U.S. has much more work to do. Too many kids are dying of preventable diseases — over 15,000 per day. Many children and youth should be in school and are not — 263 million. People should write to their congressmen and ask them not to restrict funding for global health and education within the 2019 fiscal budget. Please ask for $1.475 billion for the multi lateral Global Fund for AIDS, TB and malaria, and $125 million for the Global Partnership for Education, and finally a total of $925 million for basic education. Each year, every member of Congress can weigh in on our national priorities through the appropriations process.

People should urge Congress to build the foundation to end poverty and build opportunities in health, education and the general economy among nations.