Letter: Pence misses out on golden opportunity in South Korea

From: Bill Kozar


I believe it was an opportunity missed. Vice President Mike Pence sat no more than 10 feet from Kim Yo-jong, the sister of the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and said nothing. With Yo-jong sitting just behind and to the right of Pence, a photo showed him sitting expressionless, probably pretty much like he did after seeing some professional football players kneel before the Colts game in Indy.

In the eyes of the world, that speaks loudly about the diplomacy of the current administration. But, the eyes of the world have already witnessed too much lack of diplomacy on the part of the Trump administration, and probably were not surprised. Think about it. What did Pence have to lose? It’s not like he would be negotiating a peace treaty with Yo-jong.

If Vladimir Putin had a sister, she would have received more attention. In the surroundings of the Olympic Games, with world aggression not the foremost thoughts on everyone’s mind, a simple self-introduction on his part might have done wonders for the U.S.-North Korea relationship. But since it didn’t happen, no one will ever know.