Around Town – February 19

Orchids to …

• Jeannette at Bush’s Market for making my grandkids’ day.

• Jace Jones, for getting an award for most improved basketball player at Rockcreek Elementary School.

• Moose Family Center for a fun bus trip, and all my many friends who helped me have a safe trip — especially Brenda Woods for arranging the outing.

Happy Birthday to …

• Michael Cummings and Barbara Turner, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Cordell, from your family

• Braidon Martoccia, from Mom, Dad, Breanna and Genea.

• Shirley Lewis, from Bob, Jeri, Larry, and from the rest of your family.

• Erica Harker, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Matt Robertson.

• Kelsey Bozell.

• Amelia Hill.

• Mary Elizabeth Meredith.

• Sheryl Hoover Alysea.

• Lynn Artis.

• Steven Patton.

• Symone Patton.

• Bradlee and Luke Reinbold on No. 22, love, from Dad, Mom, and Mas

• Sheryl and Sherry Alyea, from Ms. Maddie and Mr. Sluggo

Happy Anniversary to …

• Joe and Debra Chandler, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

ANOTHER beautiful morning