Around Town – February 20

Orchids to …

• Dr. Hart, Dawn and all the nurses and techs of the Critical Care Unit for my care before and especially after my surgery, from Harry S.

• Shawna at Jay-C for having excellent customer service skills.

• all the Hauser parents and grandparents who donated delicious desserts and homemade goodies for the Annual Hauser Booster Club Ribeye Dinner, and to all the fantastic workers who donated their time to make this event another success.

• Doug Meek, Jake Miller, Larry Johnson and Scott Moore for standing out in cold, rainy weather to grill steaks for the Hauser Booster Club Ribeye Dinner.

• MHart Express Inc., Hope Hardwoods, J&J Excavating, Susan Thayer Fye, Texas Roadhouse and Gilliland Trailer Sales for sponsoring the Hauser Booster Club Ribeye Dinner.

Onions to …

• politicians protecting the mass spread of AR-15s no matter what the consequences are.

• the young man who did not wipe off his equipment after running on a treadmill.

• those who support the manufacture and selling of AK-47s in any form.

• every politician who takes money from gun lobbyists and every citizen who would vote for a politician who cares more about gun money than the lives of your children.

• politicians who hide behind the mental health smoke screen while avoiding a response on gun response.

• those who continue to place the right to own semi-automatic assault rifles above the senseless loss of innocent, young lives.

• neighbors who lets their dog run loose in everybody else’s yard.

• the government for allowing the electoral college to decide an election.

Happy Birthday to …

• Kayla Hadley, Darleen Scott and Ron Mace, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Michelle Clark, from your family and Donna.

• Sally Schneckenberger, from your family and Donna.

• Michael David Henderson, from Mom, Dad, Kathy, Shawn, Jimmy, Cason, Amanda, Aryanna, Caydence and Charlie.

• Richard Spall on No. 77, from your wife, Marie.

• Lynn Thayer.

• Sydney Wheeler.

• Cassidy Frederico.

• Ashley at Jill’s Diner, from all the Jill’s crowd.