Around Town – February 21

Orchids to …

• David and Wilma Doup for buying our dinner, from the Fairlawn Presbyterian Youth Group.

• Gary and Marilyn Cheek for their delicious chili, from a disabled person.

• D’Ila Gabbard for the birthday donuts, from Susanne Embry.

• Mark Webber for his great coverage of the Third House session Monday.

• Greg Lewis for bringing history to life for his students, which keeps them engaged and interested in learning.

Onions to …

• elected officials accepting money from the NRA to protect assault weapons.

• the fools who support gun control on school grounds, where only the bad people will have guns and no one can defend themselves.

• people who don’t realize the electoral college exists to prevent California and New York from picking the president each time.

• those who blame the tool and not the person in the gun-control debate.

• whoever is responsible for gun-free zones, which clearly don’t work.

• those who do not realize that every mass shooting would not have been prevented by gun control, as all of the shooters had mental health issues.

• the president for wanting to waste as much as $50 million for a military parade to stroke his own ego.

• the water company that makes an individual pay for their water leaks.

• whoever is in charge of the traffic light at 25th Street and Marr Road, where you can sit for five minutes even though there’s no traffic at 4:30 a.m.

• the restaurant that no longer has Styrofoam cups.

• people who illegally park their motor homes in their driveway, blocking the view.

• the person who took my box of frozen food at the grocery store Sunday.

• speakers at this week’s Third House session for not educating themselves on the capabilities and limitations of the AR-15 before expressing their views in public.

Happy Birthday to …

• Dan Grott on The Big One, from your brother John, all of your sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews.

• Richard Spall, from Bethel Baptist Church and friends.

• Greg Stein, from your family and Donna.

• Kay Richards, love Dexter.

• Elsie Hege, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jackie Crouse, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jennifer Swope, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Lynn Glick.

• Jackie Jarrett and Jennie Swope, my beautiful nieces, from Susanne E. Embry.

• Rick Saltsman, from The Club B.

• Daryl Rose, Val Kappes, Gina Galligar and Wayne Hampton, from friends and family.

• Greg Hensley, love Mom and Dad.

Happy Birthday to …

• Catherine Maynard, Mary Mings and Katie Flinn, from Susanne.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Philip, from Connie and Chris and Sammi, Sadie, and Jackson and Stanley.