Around Town – February 24

Orchids to …

• the Long John Silvers staff for being so helpful and friendly, from your Friday lunch regulars.

• Caleb Loper of Waterwagens for fixing my car, from Holly Brown

• Columbus BMV workers Becky and others who helped an elderly couple navigate through the REAL-ID process and get updated drivers licenses at 1 p.m. Thursday.

• Everyone young and old trying to bring sanity to the gun-control debate.

• East High School principal Mark Newell and staff, Columbus Police Department and Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department for their awareness and quick actions this week as well as extra patrols to ensure the safety of our kids.

• Susie Shaw of Hilliard Lyons for printing out the tax forms I needed after the IRS office closed.

• Mary at the westside Walmart for her excellent customer service in helping me find the items I was looking for, from Loretta Pruitt.

• new managers Jim and Sheri for all they have done to make Heritage Heights a better place to live.

• Jody, Becky and Jordan for the wonderful meeting we had, from the Columbus Baptist Church.

Onions to …

• those who don’t call for the banning of motor vehicles after a fatal accident caused by someone drinking, speeding or texting, which are illegal actions but commonly ignored.

• anyone who actually thinks a person with a pistol would be much of a deterrent to a psychopath with an assault weapon.

• those who proclaim to be Christians but act bitter, spiteful and vengeful.

• politicians who are owned by and shamelessly do the bidding of the NRA.

• anyone who thinks a mere $2,000 to $3,000 contribution to a political campaign from the NRA is enough to buy a politician.

• city council members who insist on this riverfront project despite the potential for flooding.

Happy Birthday to …

• Cindy Poland, from Bethel Baptist Church and friends.

• Clyde Hatton, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• Judy Murphy from Bob, Jeri, Tom, and from the rest of your family.