Around Town – February 25

Orchids to …

• the stranger who turned in my purse at Lowe’s.

• Mr. Alex Baker and the Columbus North Debuteens & Music Men for the two great show choir competition performances at Ben Davis and Franklin Central the last two weekends, from Kelly and Sam Geckler.

• the energetic and enthused Hope FFA Chapter and their advisor, Aleesa Dickerson, for serving the good pancake breakfast Friday morning at Hauser High School.

• Dr. Robert L. Forste and Pat Walkos for their letters.

• Aunt Donna for the wonderful cookies, with love from Beth and Alyssa.

• Joe Woodard for buying us girls our breakfast and to John Cain for buying us girls our dinner after we all played Bingo, from Barbara Herold and the girls.

• Jamie, Maggie and Marilyn at Just Friends for helping me when I needed help, from Irene.

• the newspaper carrier for North Coovert Street for putting the paper in a dry place, from a grateful elderly person.

• Ian Cohen for all his service to the teens of Bartholomew County.

• city engineer, David Hayward, for quickly correcting a storm drain problem on Cove Road, from Bob Miller.

• The Republic for reprinting my Orchid.

Happy Birthday to …

• Trish Park, from your family, Assemblies team and Donna.

• Louie Grable, from your family and Donna.

• Jim Willis.

• Amanda Brooks, from Aunt Marian, the Kirbys and the Millers.

• Alice Purtlebaugh, from Jean Patrick.

• Jim, from Joyce.

• Jim Willis on No. 79, from Kari, John, Sean and Vicki.

• Pastor Ralph Blomenberg, from Bob, Jeri, Jan and the rest of your family.

• Benny Shoultz, from Mammy McClintic, mom, Mamaw Barna, Pappy Dan, Jason, Tony, Bailey, Brian, Aurora, Kayleigh, Torrie, Tom and Pappy and Nana Shoultz.

• Sandy Hammons, from your friends at AT&T.

Happy Birthday to …

• Alec Coomer on No. 13, from your dad, Kay, Aaron and Elizabeth.

• Judy Murphy, from your brother, Bill.

ANOTHER beautiful morning